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Introduction to Poshan Preschool

Where work and play do wonders!

The literal meaning of Poshan is “Nourishment”. From the day our little bundle of joy is born, we do our best to keep them hale and healthy. We do our best to nourish them. We, as parents go that extra mile and do everything possible to make our children comfortable.

Now when your child is about two, he wants to venture out and explore the world. He is ready to step out to experience the fascinating world around him. His inquisitive mind wants answers for a whole lot of questions.

We, at Poshan strive to give that “Nourishment” which your child needs. He would be given exposure to exciting learning experiences and enough/ample time to mingle with kids of his age group. Our sensibly researched curriculum and teaching methodology will help him set a strong foundation. A foundation for not just academics but social behaviour and value based life skills.

Come be a part of Poshan’s Nourishment!

Phoenix Kids to Poshan Preschool

Poshan (Formerly called Phoenix Kids) was established in 2012 with a vision to make the learning process joyful and exciting for young children who step into a school for the very first time. We are a team of dedicated professionals who bring in the vast experience of early childhood learning. Our team has been consistently developing the ever evolving curriculum. We believe each child needs his or her space and time to learn and understand.

  • Language Development
  • Logical Thinking
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Creative Corner
  • Technology Lab – E-Blocks
  • Well Researched Curriculum
  • Over 3500 sq. ſt. of Area
  • Bright and spacious classrooms
  • Clean and Hygienic Environment

Poshan Shishya - Preschool

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” – Plato.
At Poshan, we firmly believe that children should thoroughly enjoy the experience of their very first school.
  • Play group
    Poshan Shishya
    Age 1.9 Yrs +
    Timings 10am-12:30pm
  • LKG
    Poshan Shishya
    Age 3.9 Yrs+
    Timings 9am-12:00pm
  • Nursery
    Poshan Shishya
    Age 2.9 Yrs +
    Timings 9am-12:00pm
  • UKG
    Poshan Shishya
    Age 4.9 Yrs+
    Timings 9am-12:00pm

Poshan Sankalan - Afterschool

Poshan Sankalan is where our after school activities take shape. We offer a stimulating and safe environment where children meet to pursue interests and hobbies.
  • After School
    Poshan Sankalan
    Age 4.9 Yrs+
    Timings 9am-12:00pm
  • Joy Of Learning
    English Enrichment Program
    Age 2.9 Yrs +
    Timings 9am-12:00pm
  • Dance
    Poshan Sankalan
    Age 4.9 Yrs+
    Timings 9am-12:00pm
  • Daycare
    Poshan Sankalan
    Age 2-10 Yrs
    Timings 9am-12:00pm

Where work and play do wonders!

Play is a state of mind, body, emotion, and spirit. Play is also the primary means by which children explore the world. It is a time when children feel most alive and develop a sense of complete involvement. A child’s early play experience helps shape attitude towards life and greatly influences behaviour. The more freedom given to experiment and explore, the more creative and spirited the child grows up to be.

We, at Poshan, follow a play-based methodology to engage children actively. The curriculum is integrated to suit the best teaching practices. Our focus is on interactive learning sessions where children apply what they learn and learn what they apply.

  • Our Mission

    Poshan provides a joyful learning environment to all the students who step into a school for the very first time. Our dedicated team, partners with parents and community to nurture and nourish each and every child with utmost love and care.

  • Our Vision

    Poshan instills a love for joyous learning in all the students keeping our culture and roots intact and prepare them to be lifelong learners.

  • Poshan (Phoenix Kids)... at first the name sounded intriguing. As a parent I was obviously looking for the best pre-school... And I certainly, undoubtedly found that at Poshan. Poshan justifies its presence to care, to nurture and to be grounded. One of the rare pre-schools inculcating knowledge with values to the little ones. A child from POSHAN preschool is sure to have a brilliant foundation. The staff is completely committed... is a reassuring factor for all working parents.

    Rajeshwari (Parent of Aryaman Kutty)
  • Poshan (Phoenix kids) has been of great solace, especially for nuclear families. It is a wonderful and safe place for the kids. The staff here are caring, responsible and concerned about the well-being of children. I have my 2 kids going to the day care there. Initially, I was a little hesitant (like any parent). But now I can confidently say that “Poshan (Phoenix kids)” is “The BEST Place”. The energy levels of the staff there keeps children wanting to be in the day care. This is the most important thing for the parents. We feel so relaxed and relieved keeping our kids in such a safe and healthy place. I thank all the staff there for their wonderful service. All the best to them!

    Nethra (Parent of Jagruthi and Rushil)
  • Phoenix Kids preschool is the second home for our son. He feels very comfortable. The school has helped him to improve his communication skills and the teachers help him to learn something new every day.

  • The EB club has helped my daughter build good listening skills. She has improved in her pronunciation and sentence formation.She enjoys attending the sessions and wants to spend more time in the daycare. Thank you for designing such a programme and teaching technique.

    Ms. Chaithali Pai
  • This is the 4th daycare that my daughter is going to in her 5 years of age, and i would say that this is the one that she has been very happy to be in. She even likes to go to the day care on weekends and holidays! This speaks for how good the care takers are


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